Stellar Consulting & Training comprises a global team of outstanding business consultants with broad and deep experience in business management. In addition, we have a global network of Master Trainers and expert facilitators who cover the entire process of delivering training, including needs assessment, preparation, creating a positive learning environment, facilitating learning, and training program evaluation.

What Makes Us Different

  • * We are passionate about helping our clients operationalize their strategies and create sustainable change.
  • * We institute long-term change by improving all three critical operations areas: organization design, processes & technology.
  • * We work collaboratively with our clients and keep them involved in the process. This creates a sense of ownership and commitment for implementation.
  • * Our approach is always tailored to meet the needs of our clients. This ensures that we can implement the required changes very quickly.
  • * Our consultants spend enough time with the clients to fully understand their operations, which enables them to recommend appropriate changes with realistic alternatives.
  • * Our services are applicable across a variety of industries.
  • * We set KPIs upfront and we constantly engage our clients to get their buy-in and guarantee success of each change initiative.

Our Legacy

Stellar Consulting & Training is built on a history of innovative thinking, a relentless focus on achieving results, and a commitment to excellence. We partner with our clients to solve their complex business problems and render difficult projects manageable. We focus on how we can improve their business processes, how to manage technology adoption efficiently, and streamline their organization structure. We are always committed to creating exceptional value for our clients and drive toward results.

Our Philosophy

We partner with our clients. We view business consulting as a balancing act. We commit to supporting their efforts but we always ask the right questions to challenge the status quo so that their business achieves its strategic goals. Our consultants would never deliver a report of theoretical musings. We are executors of positive change. We thrive on helping our clients dramatically change the way they do business to obtain better results. We make direct recommendations that can be implemented in a realistic time frame.

Industry Partners