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Principles of MarketingThis course presents and analyzes the fundamental principles, methods and procedures in modern marketing: planning, pricing, distribution, and promotion. Topics include creating customer value and satisfaction, strategic planning, marketing process and environment, research and information systems, consumer markets and consumer buyer behavior, business markets and business buyer behavior, segmentation, product and services strategy, new product development and product life cycle strategies, pricing, communications, direct and online marketing, and social responsibility and marketing ethics. We view these topics through the emerging business trends of globalization, social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and managerial ethics.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
• Discuss the fundamentals of marketing and its importance to all organizations, public and private
• Write comprehensive Marketing Plans and Marketing Strategies
• Formulate and execute strategies businesses employ to both attract new customers and keep existing ones, and
• Identify, conceptualize, and develop solutions for the complex and critical decisions management must face before a product or service is advertised or sold.

The class will consist of lectures, business cases, class discussions, and group workshops. Students are encouraged to ask questions and actively participate in class. Students will frequently work in teams to give deeper meaning to the reading material. The PowerPoint slides, course hand-outs, and study notes can be found on the course portal provided by your instructor.

Enrolment is now open for January, April, July, or October 2021. Please contact us for more information.

Course Name: Principles of Marketing
Course Code: CMKT 101

Pre-requisite: None
Course Fees: $775

Delivery: Virtual Instructor-Led
Platform: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or similar
Duration: 11 weeks / 42 hours / 11 weekly sessions / 4 hours per session

This course is one of the eight required courses to obtain the International Marketing Management Diploma. more

Consumer BehaviorConsumers are constantly exposed to hundreds or thousands of marketing stimuli, which are designed to inform, persuade, and influence their purchase decisions. These stimuli are constructed based upon the implicit theories that marketers have about how consumers behave.

This course examines social science and consumer behavior research for concepts and principles that marketers can use to better understand customers and meet their needs.