Measuring and Managing Climate Risk

Managing Climate Risk

What is Measuring and Managing Climate Risk?

As climate-related financial risks continue to grow and have wide-ranging impacts on financial institutions’ business strategies and decisions, decision-makers must be able to effectively identify, measure, and manage potential climate-related exposures.

Measuring and Managing Climate Risk teaches participants how to identify potential sources of climate risk and use scenario analysis to evaluate the resulting transition and physical risks. Participants learn how to synthesize, analyze, and apply information about climate change and climate policy developments, so that they can meaningfully shape their organization’s climate change strategies, policies, products, and services.

What will you learn by taking this course?

  • Identify key sources of climate risks and transmission channels that impact organizational performance.
  • Discuss mechanisms to mitigate climate risk.
  • Evaluate the impact of climate change on the financial sector and the broader economy.
  • Identify tools, solutions, and methodologies to measure and manage climate risks.
  • Understand greenhouse gas measurement, accounting, and reporting approaches.
  • Align an organization’s climate risk ambitions to international frameworks and guidelines.
  • Apply global frameworks to existing organizational policies and strategies to assist with climate change mitigation best practices.

Who is taking the course?

  • Portfolio, asset, and fund managers
  • Financial analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Investment analysts
  • Equity analysts
  • Risk analysts and managers
  • Regulators

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