Recruiting Best Practices


Research has shown that the success of an organization is closely tied to the quality of its employees. A recent study found that employers who excelled in recruiting experienced 3.5 times more revenue growth and twice the profit margin of other employers. But acquiring the right talent can be a challenge. Employers must decide what type of people they want to attract, what recruitment message to convey and how to reach the targeted individuals.

This course will help employers meet these challenges and recruit the best talent. It shows employers how to develop a focused recruitment strategy that considers the job applicant’s perspective. Recruiters will learn how to target and reach specific types of candidates with well-crafted messages and to secure the most highly qualified candidates for the organization.

Course objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. establish a recruitment strategy that takes into consideration the expectations and demands of the modern workforce
  2. develop job specifications and personas to fit their business current recruitment needs
  3. reexamine recruitment methods and their effectiveness in helping identify the best candidates
  4. use modern digital channels efficiently to recruit the best talents
  5. implement best practices in recruiting and retaining talented employees


Hiring versus recruiting

Getting ready to recruit

Formalize the recruiting process

Set compensation & benefits

Job description

Key Performance Indicators

Key Behavioral Indicators

Training and development

Writing a job posting

Diversity & inclusion

Digital recruiting

Recruiting channels

Marketing strategy

Value proposition

Establish goals

Set a budget

Formulate marketing mix

Measure & analyze

Alternative sourcing

Establishing a salary range

Application process

Probation review


Job titles

Job description

Create candidate personas

Finding potential candidates

Pre-screen & prioritize


Pitching candidates

Interview process


Selling the job

Extending an offer


Breaking up…gracefully

Analyzing metrics


Processing candidates

Reference checks

Conducting the interview

Making the decision

Recruiting do’s & don’ts

Recruiter types

Generational gap

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