Workplace Violence: How to Manage Anger and Violence in the Workplace

Violence of any sort has many roots. 99% of the time, there are warning signs of workplace violence. That is why this three-day workshop will take a comprehensive look at workplace violence: how to prevent it on an individual and an organizational level, and how to respond to it if it does occur.

What Will Participants Learn?
 Understand what workplace violence is
 Be able to identify some warning signs of violence
 Understand the cycle of anger
 Understand Albert Bandura’s behavior wheel and how it applies to anger
 Develop a seven-step process for managing your anger and others’ anger
 Have better communication and problem solving skills, which will reduce frustration and anger
 Develop some other ways of managing anger, including coping thoughts and relaxation techniques
 Be familiar with the nine components of an organizational approach to managing anger, including risk assessment processes
 Know what to do if a violent incident occurs in the workplace, on both an individual and organizational level

What Topics are Covered?
 Albert Bandura’s behavior wheel
 Warning signs of violence
 McClure’s seven step anger management process
 Communication skills
 Problem solving tools
 Stress management techniques
 Norman Keith’s nine components of a violence prevention program
 Turner’s fourteen stages of threat response
 Developing a risk assessment program
 Incident response checklist

What’s Included?
 Instruction by an expert facilitator
 Small, interactive classes
 Specialized participant manual and course materials including a pre-assignment and a post-assignment
 A personalized Certificate of Completion

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