Safety in the Workplace

Workplace accidents and injuries cost corporations millions of dollars and thousands of hours lost every year. They also have a profound, often lifelong impact on workers. Introducing a safety culture into your organization, where safety is valued as an integral part of the business’ operation, not only saves the business time and money, it also builds a committed, loyal, healthy workforce. This one-day workshop will give you the foundation to start building your safety culture.

What Will Participants Learn?
 Understand the difference between a safety program and a safety culture
 Have some resources to help you understand the regulations in your area
 Be able to launch a safety committee
 Understand how to identify hazards and reduce them
 Know some hiring measures that can improve safety
 Understand what a safety training program will involve
 Be able to identify groups particularly at risk for injury and know how to protect them
 Be able to help your organization write, implement, and review a safety plan
 Be better able to respond to incidents and near misses
 Understand the basics of accident investigation and documentation

What Topics are Covered?
 Defining a safety culture
 Governing bodies and resources
 Starting a safety committee
 Identifying and resolving hazards
 Taking proactive measures
 Identifying groups at risk
 Writing a safety plan
 Implementing the plan
 Incident management
 Reviewing the program

What’s Included?
 Instruction by an expert facilitator
 Small, interactive classes
 Specialized participant manual and course materials including a pre-assignment and a post-assignment
 A personalized Certificate of Completion

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