Tough Topics: Talking to Employees about Personal Hygiene

As a manager, you’re probably used to dealing with many tough situations. But conversations about an employee’s personal appearance are a whole different ball game. It’s something that we often avoid talking about, or worse, make light of. This one-day workshop has two major themes: a framework for having tough conversations and some common tough conversations that come up. You’ll walk away prepared for any kind of challenging conversation.

What Will Participants Learn?
 Identify the advantages to having tough conversations
 Describe the components to an effective behavior modification conversation
 Use your organization’s resources to help you deal with hygiene issues
 Overcome barriers that employees put up when discussing hygiene problems
 Resolve hygiene issues such as bad hair days, inappropriate piercings and body art, poor clothing choices, bad breath, body odor, excessive gas, and incontinence
 Nip poor hygiene habits in the bud and identify ways to encourage good hygiene at your workplace

What Topics are Covered?
 Let’s talk about it!
 Guidelines for difficult conversations
 Overcoming objections
 Bad hair days (and weeks… and months…)
 Addressing piercings and body artwork
 Helping employees dress for success
 Bad breath
 Body odor
 Gastrointestinal issues
 Bad habits
 Putting it into practice

What’s Included?
 Instruction by an expert facilitator
 Small, interactive classes
 Specialized participant manual and course materials including a pre-assignment and a post-assignment
 A personalized Certificate of Completion

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