Controlling Anger Before It Controls You

Everyone gets angry; it’s a completely natural response. But do you know how to manage that anger constructively? By the end of this one-day course, you will!

What Will Participants Learn?
 Understand anger and its causes
 Understand behavior types
 Develop coping tools
 Improve your communication skills

What Topics are Covered?
 Defining anger
 The costs of anger
 The benefits of anger
 Buttons and triggers
 Precipitating factors
 Distorted thinking
 Passive, manipulative, assertive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive behavior types
 Managing reactions
 Starting an anger log
 Relaxation techniques
 Coping thoughts
 Using humor
 A model of release
 Listening skills
 Asking questions
 Solving problems
 Developing your assertiveness

What’s Included?
 Instruction by an expert facilitator
 Small, interactive classes
 Specialized participant manual and course materials including a pre-assignment and a post-assignment
 A personalized Certificate of Completion